We offer coaching for individuals, leadership coaching, team workshops and STAR monthly strategy meetings

Using the concepts of strengths-based development our Strength Coach works with a client to reach performance goals, address challenges and unleash their potential by fully understanding and investing in his or her talents.


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Our Leadership Strength Coaches are highly skilled and experienced Managers who are fully certified with the Gallup Strengths Centre have demonstrated success in working with leaders to:

→  Understand and appreciate the unique talents of each team member
→  Effectively position talent; matching the right people to the right role/tasks
→  Set clear expectations for the team
→  Motivate, engage and develop employees


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Our Strength workshops help team members to identify individual strengths, develop these to achieve performance goals; increase employee engagement and productivity; and to address specific issues and challenges. Through a team workshop, a detailed map of the strengths and weaknesses of the team will be developed along with an action plan for leveraging the strengths of the team to drive business forward.

As a result of this workshop participants will:

→  Be able to identify their top 5 strengths
→ Identify how these strengths can be used to improve performance and job satisfaction
→ Develop an appreciation of the strengths within their team and how to apply these to achieve performance goals
→ Develop strategies to leverage the strengths of the team to drive business forward
→ Develop a personal action plan for ensuring they play to their strengths effectively


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STAR Program has a proven track record for helping people across the globe to live the lives they desire and deserve.  If you are serious about not letting another year slip by, the STAR Program is exactly what you need to get the results you want. Members receive:

1. STAR Strategy

★ Our accredited coaches support you to develop an individualised life plan based on the goals you want to achieve to upgrade your life and have your best year yet.

★ The development of this plan includes a Strengths Assessment and a 1-hour coaching session with a Certified Gallup Strengths Finder Coach, to discover your top strengths and how you can use these to achieve your dreams

2. STAR Support

★ Monthly motivation meetings to check in on your progress and plan your monthly goals.

★ Monthly success strategies to maintain momentum and make sure you stay on the right track.

★ Weekly support/coaching via text, email, phone or Facebook.

★ 2 X 1:1 coaching session with experienced and accredited coach during your membership term

★ Access to webinars and audios to ensure you stay focused and motivated

★ A Facebook support group with access to members-only content

3. STAR Accountability

★ Our coaches are your personal accountability buddies – Offering on going support and advice in setting and meeting your goals

4. STAR Inspiration

★ Our job is to keep you motivated by being your cheerleader, providing inspiration and celebrating your success.

5. STAR Investment

★ Our professional coaches invest in your achievement and reward your success

★ Your success is our success – we achieve our goals when you achieve yours

Investment in your life

Annual Membership – STAR Value Package

  • Individual Gallup Strengths Finder Assessment $15 *included
  • One hour coaching session with Gallup Strengths Finder coach on your strengths $189 *included
  • One individual coaching session with experienced coach during your membership term $189 *included
  • Four webinars and audios ($15/each) $60 *included
  • 12 monthly 1.5 hour motivation meetings ($50/each) $600 *included

Invest in creating your best year ever and commit to full and fun participation in the STAR Program.

★ Support others in their success

★ Share your strengths, expertise and experience with others

★ Hold yourself and others accountable

★ Challenge yourself and others

Success Strategies

Here are some of the Success Strategies that will be discussed and adopted to maximise your potential and create your best possible year.

  • The importance of setting goals
  • Playing to your strengths
  • Strengthen your willpower
  • Practice daily self improvement
  • Stay focused – don’t give up!
  • Step out of your comfort zone
  • Avoid procrastination
  • Practice positive self talk
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